I am a programmer, audio enthusiast and web developer from Austin, Texas currently living in San Diego, California. In 2013 I finished my B.S. in Computer Science degree through the Turing Scholars program at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. in Computer Music at the University of California, San Diego.

Feel free to contact me about anything via e-mail!

OSC Controller Web App

Spring 2015

Wrote a browser-based OSC message controller for the 2015 Synthesizer Petting Zoo, part of the UCSD student-run music festival Springfest. The audio generation happens on a remote server so you won't hear anything from your web browser but link provided for posterity.
  • The browser opens a WebSocket to a server to send OSC messages.
  • Nice for passer-bys as no downloads are required and web application runs on all modern mobile browsers.
  • Client program connects via TCP WebSocket to a server running Node.js which funnels the OSC messages through UDP to a local server running PureData.
  • PureData server written by Jen Hsu.

Twitch Jams

Winter 2015

Wrote a chat bot for a Twitch stream called Twitch Jams. Twitch Jams allows users to enter notes into a MIDI grid via chat as well as turn their own sound files into repitchable instruments. Unfortunately had to take the stream down due to bandwidth/energy costs.
  • The chat bot and GUI were written with Python and represent my first serious attempt at writing a multi-process Python application.
  • Created a web application using the Web Audio API and HTML5 Canvas to convert audio to an image allowing users to upload sounds through their profile pictures.
  • Used FluidSynth with the SoundFont2 format as the audio engine.

Cellular Automata MIDI VST

Fall 2014

Created a MIDI VST plugin called Ulamidi to experiment with using cellular automata for procedural note generation.
  • Allows user to record a set of 14 pitches to use and supports transposition.
  • Epoch happens every 4 beats or each 16th note.
  • BETA compiled version for Windows 7/8 64-bit can be downloaded here.

PD Externals

Fall 2014

Authored several PD externals for various projects. A few of them (blend~, folder~, wraparound~) do some interesting wave folding operations, one of them (wiener~) is a nice analysis tool for computing spectral flatness.

OpenGL 3D Spectrogram

Fall 2013

Prototyped a 3D spectrogram in OpenGL for my final project in graduate graphics at UT. Made a small web page as a project writeup which can be viewed here.

Evosynth and Synthax

Spring 2013-Present

Wrote a genetic programming system for searching the space of digital audio synthesis algorithms in C++ for my undegraduate honors thesis.
  • Designed a Lisp-like language called synthax which allows for direct specification of algorithms that generate or manipulate 32-bit floating point audio.
  • Created a command line application for finding synthax programs that sound like input sound files.
  • Made a VST audio plugin for interactive genetic programming and live auditioning of synthax programs using MIDI.


Spring 2011-Fall 2011

Wrote an artificial intelligence library in Java implementing the NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) algorithm.
  • Created an efficient and easy-to-use implementation of the NEAT algorithm. Simple to plug in to an existing application to add neuroevolution.
  • Worked with Prad Nelluru to create an assignment for students in the Computational Intelligence in Game Design stream of UT's Freshman Research Initiative program. The assignment involved modifying a Braincraft-based aritficial life simulator.



Summer 2015, Mountain View, CA, Software Engineering Intern

This summer I will be working at Google as Ph.D. Software Engineering Intern on the Google Play team.


Summer 2014, Austin, TX, Web Development Intern

Interned at Famigo, an Austin, TX start up company providing a mobile app for kid-safe entertainment. My primary responsibilites at the company were:
  • Implemented front-end and back-end features for a Django-based education web application for teachers.
  • Authored a fancy HTML5 Canvas widget for date selection.
  • Taco consumption.

The University of Texas at Austin Freshman Research Initiative

Spring 2012-Winter 2013, Austin, TX, Student Mentor

Mentored students in the Computational Intelligence in Game Design research stream of the University of Texas at Austin's Freshman Research Initiative. My primary responsibilties in the lab were:
  • Offering help on and grading assignments about genetic algorithms to students in the lab's class.
  • Mentoring students on their independent research work.


Summer 2013, Austin, TX, Web Development Intern

Interned at DocbookMD, an Austin, TX start up company which creates software to facilitate communication amongst medical professionals. My primary responsibilities at the company were:
  • Working with a team of two other interns to prototype a platform for disaster management and deployment of human resources.
  • Creating a web app allowing medical paging companies to page physicians through email and the DocbookMD mobile app. Became the first revenue generating feature that the company shipped.


Summer 2012, San Diego, CA, Software Development Intern

Interned at Qualcomm in the Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) division. My primary responsibilties at the company were:
  • Learning about protocols for cellular communications.
  • Writing test cases in Perl to test Qualcomm's newest modem chipset.

UT Austin Applied Research Laboratories

Summer 2011, Austin, TX, Student Programmer

Worked at The University of Texas at Austin Applied Research Laboratories in the Space & Geophysics Laboratory. My primary responsibilties at the company were:
  • Updating C++ GPS analysis software to use new formats of input data.
  • Maintaining binary builds of the aforementioned software on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Automating the analysis of a GPS survey of the Holloman Air Force Base High Speed Test Track using Python.


Summer 2010, Austin, TX, Math Tutor

Worked at Mathnasium, a math tutoring center for students at all levels of mathematics. My primary responsibilties at the company were:
  • Tutoring students in small groups to improve their skills in math.
  • Conducting workshops and summer camps for elementary school students.
  • Contributing to franchise and curriculum decisions.


Food Group

Play keys in a band when I'm in Austin, TX. Music is sort of psych rock/pop but goes all over the place.


I make a lot of music by myself but rarely release it. Everything from folk to electro hip hop and other random stuff. Here's a bunch of unfinished demoes for the sake of posterity.