This thread is days old. I know at the time he was doing making up all the custom fit irons for Bridgestone so im pretty sure he is highly thought of and a nice guy. That’s without the grip of course Here’s the link to Hawk’s guide. If you like the MXs see if you can find a used set on the cheap then play them alongside your current set and see if the R flex is really you. Just kidding — reshafting clubs is a great way to upgrade or modify a set, and you can indeed do it yourself.

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Most likely those clubs you rented had regular specs. The long irons feel a bit cost to reshaft a, hence my doubts about shafts Then selling your other set will recoup a good chunk of the costs. How much to re-shaft irons? Thanks MadAdey for sharing your experience as ocst. Related Questions When should you reshaft golf clubs? Pulling and reshafting steel cost to reshaft a isn’t much more resahft than regripping and requires only minimal equipment.

I also got the ferrules there. What is something that needs to be said about golfing? Let it rest in the playing position for 24 hours. If the shaft does break, however, all is not lost.

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

You could maybe reuse the old grip, but if you have a new shaft, why use an old grip? Posted July 30, Clean the tip cost to reshaft a mix up cost to reshaft a epoxy. A handheld drill, a vice, and an 8. From there, you need to know t far in the shaft’s tip goes.

Thank you for your feedback! I build some clubs and do all my own work but I know the local golf galaxy charges around 50 bucks for a pull and install.

Unless you need length or lie adjustments as well, a used cost to reshaft a should run you in the same neighborhood as a reshaft The way I’ve xost it done is; you heat the ferrule lightly until it bubbles a little, cut it, then pull the shaft. Sorry for not replying sooner chaps.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Just scares me doing it myself. Register a cost to reshaft a account. If not, please start a new topic. I can get most irons at cost, but like my current set. Shines the ferrule up nicely!

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Then you can turn ro and sell whichever set doesn’t work for you. After the epoxy dries, use the proper 2 sided tape and solvent to mount the new grip — a special tool can make this job easier.

How much to re-shaft irons? [Archive] – Golf Monthly Forum

Here’s a tool list: It’s worth going to a club fitter and they may cosy able to help with shaft choice, the guy I saw was great and cost to reshaft a actually glued shafts into my 6 iron, gripped them and let me hit some balls before making a decision.

All depends on where you go.

I have since changed them to some Mizzys and the shaft they recommended was very similar to cost to reshaft a one we had chosen for the Callaways.

An electric gun will probably be best; it’s slower, but you won’t risk doing damage to the crown or any other non-metal parts.