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But yes, I was wondering about the incompatible size of a floppy drive versus a sata hard drive. Hi Avramlevi, I believe the procedure is pretty clear. Optiplex mini tower no video on power up. I have a problem booting my Optiplex GX If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us. Will try that and see if it helps. I checked the cables again and all appear well connected, I pulled off and pressed on again to be sure.

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And then restore any of the settings you wrote down that may have changed. Hi, I have the same problem.

Hi krrk, Thanks for verifying the answer. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Feel free to start a new thread. I would like to inform you that the reason there is no option available for upgrading to SATA drive is because this system is old and nowadays all systems are shipped with SATA.

dell gx270 sata

Never needed that capability before. This leads to dell gx270 sata options for upgrading the harddrive on the system:. Doesn’t matter whether dell gx270 sata is a Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi or Western Digital drive, same thing happens. The original hard drive with the diagnostic partition failed long ago and has been lost, so I can’t run any of the Dell utilities.

[SOLVED] Dell GX270 SATA Ports

Don’t know if this system has a limitation on hard drive size I will appreciate if you can please describe how to ” turn off the boot flag eell the drive I don’t want to boot”? Remove all PCI cards except video, disconnect dell gx270 sata and dell gx270 sata drives, remove all RAM modules except the one in slot 1. I ask because Firewire and USB handle data differently and I want to direct-capture to a secondary hard drive.

Dell gx270 sata BIOS setup and copy down sxta the settings. I will be very grateful Video files are very space hungry, and hence my question: Its great to hear that you were able to capture to external driver directly. I suspect this is a lost cause and my best bet is to trash the Dell machine, and switch to one of my Intel Duo machines as the new primary internet and work machine.

[SOLVED] Dell GX SATA Ports – Tech Support Forum

Replacing zata drive with an SSD? Based on the age of this thread, I vote we lock it. It just seems a bit of a shame to have that satw plug and presumably internal power supply available – and then to rely on an external drive. Puppy and Gparted are both free. As a suggestion before purchasing a USB external dell gx270 sata you can borrow it from a friend to check it works as desired and then you dell gx270 sata make the buying decision.

Drive is drive 0; C: Ssata a USB connection to an external drive going to stop me from capturing direct from Firewire please, because it would defeat the object dell gx270 sata I had to save to C drive, then shift that data manually to an external drive? There may actually be a chipset limitation on the max size of the hard drive in your older system.

What am I missing? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. It is reasonable dell gx270 sata something potentially came loose. Thanks for your reply. It’s running XP Pro. Nothing xg270 the manuals, FAQ’s or other discussion threads appears to bear on this problem.

SATA DRIVE SIZE LIMIT on Dell Optiplex GX – Dell Community

All dlel topics Previous Topic Next Topic. My drive dell gx270 sata from my IDE drive Big party ensued I have the same problem. Most of the drive manufacturers have realignment tools for using XP with an advanced-format drive.