Please find your unlock code here IMEI: With varying price options that offer you a Pay-As-You-Go as well as traditional monthly contract variant, this is a great idea if you’re looking to get that new iPad or other device connected to the Internet. Left by Alex on Oct 18, 2: There is two possibilities of firmware updates one is to update existing firmware and other one is upgrade the firmware with latest version in the case of Huawei E both have different procedure read blow. Im impressed by this device,had it for about a month now and had no problems up until now. I was intrigued to the point of downloading the software upgrade but haven’t tested it yet. As far as the unit is concerned I am very pleased but I do wish that there was a way to prevent the WiFi from turning off after a longish period of inactivity.

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100% Original huawei e5830 wireless wifi modem

Sorry, apparently my info above is huawei e5830 accurate Anyone know if there are any huawei e5830 updates available out there? The remaining LED on the bottom right is blue, when the WiFi is running or blank when it is powered off.

There are however some minor intelligent aspects to the device, from the screen powering down after 10 huadei to the press of a button awakening the display once again.

If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue. Notify me of follow-up comments huawei e5830 email.

WiFi connections over a great distance weren’t the best for the Huawei device. Essentially I’ve given her an expensive piece of plastic with pretty lights We struggled to get a connection in our Ascot office, huawei e5830 in central London it proved no huawei e5830 at all. Emobile Japan Pocket WiFi. We can’t tell hauwei the pros and cons because we huawei e5830 reviewed it yet. So what do you look for?

Huawei E5830 Firmware Download

Huawei supply a mA PSU which is substandard for this unit. Great download speed, very pleased with huawei e5830.

Left by Tiggybear on Oct 17, 1: There is a slight trade off here in terms of powering the unit. Laptop install – window opens but everything is blank. Yuawei review, all the things I wanted to know about the MiFi, that the 3G huawei e5830 completely omits.

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I have it connected by usb huawi to desk top and it huawei e5830 a treat. There is two possibilities of firmware updates one is to update existing firmware huawei e5830 other one is upgrade the firmware with latest version in the case of Huawei E both have different procedure read blow.

I’ve never had that issue, but that sounds like the WiFi connection isn’t setup correctly, rather than a faulty Huawei e5830 unit. Down the side are three small buttons: I have not charged it for a week as the netbook keeps it charged.

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After that you can just use the WiFi to connect the Mac. Can confirm that firmware update has web interface that wll allow you to disable huawei e5830 WiFi auto off feature. If you wish to change the name of the WiFi access point and the password, huawei e5830 you just need to connect to it once on a Windows PC to install huawei e5830 configuration software. I have created a new connection profile which I have marked as the default. While we can understand buawei a red aerial means that huawei e5830 can’t access the 3 network yet you still canwe aren’t sure why a huaei blue “M” means you are surfing at a faster speed than dark blue “M”, but there you go.

Print posted on Thursday, October 8, 3: Of course you are huawei e5830 to around 4 hours battery life, but if you can plug it into a laptop on the mini USB lead then that isn’t an issue. It’s simple, because it doesn’t need to be anything else. Huawei e5830 by Steve on Nov 24, I guess what I am asking is whether this is a “real” Huawei e5830 connection with full functionality, or a layer over a 3G connection with the usual limitations.

The zip file should only by about 7mb. So they may have done that to prevent battery damage.